Family Connections

In honor of it being Valentine’s Day I thought I would post about something near and dear to my heart: family. Now, my immediate family is very small. It’s just me, my mom and my dad.

Oh!! And of course our dog, Leo.


I love my immediate family, but my extended family is so much bigger than just my mom and my dad. My dad is one of 8 kids and his brothers and sisters all have more than one kid. So I have a lot of cousins…


My dad’s side of the family

Now, I know the standard definition of family is someone who is biologically related to me, but I consider most of my friends family too. I live with them, I eat with them and we share a lot of things that I don’t share with my family. Of course I am not super close with everyone of my sorority sisters, but there are several girls who I really believe were brought to me as “sisters from another mister” or whatever.

ImageI have no idea where I will get a job when I graduate from college. It could be the east coast, west coast or somewhere very far away from my immediate family and my friend family. But keeping in touch with your friends is very important. You never know when a friend might have a great opportunity and you would never know about it unless you are regularly keeping in touch with them.

Ever since I have graduated from high school I have found it harder to keep in touch with my high school friends. We are in many different places and doing really different things so we don’t have much in common anymore. But, I sent a Valentine to my best high school friend who goes to college in South Caroline. Holidays are a great time to send a little note to friends and family and all you have to say is “Thinking about you, hope everything is well” to open up some kind of dialogue.

People are always saying that it is all about who you know when you apply for jobs. But, on the other hand, I think people really underestimate their relationships. People communicate solely through the Internet and social media and they think that is enough for their friends and family to keep up their relationship. This morning I saw someone wish their significant other “Happy Valentine’s Day” on Twitter…

So, in honor of it being Valentine’s Day, take some time to put in some personal attention to your relationships today. You never know when they could help you in the future.



2 thoughts on “Family Connections

  1. I liked how you incorporated this holiday with the professional world we all will be living (or trying to survive) in. It is cute that you sent your friend a gift! My friends tend to be more of the social media users for holidays like this; however, my grandparents, parents, sisters and niece try to swap out a little something to celebrate the day of love. I am also with you that upon graduation I have no clue where I will be nor want to be. I know I would love having my family in a neighboring city, but it is a likely situation. Through social media, we can connect more easily. But, I believe, as you stated, that social media can also be problematic to society in this day in age when it comes to really staying in touch.

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