The Science of Language

I like to think that I am a student of language and my specialty is English. I mean this in the way that if I was a native Spanish speaker my specialty would be Spanish, not that I am some sort of English wiz. There are many different kinds of language. I’m not sure if I believe that God made us all speak a different language so that we would not build a tower to Heaven, but it’s a nice thought.

Language is always evolving because we are always creating new things. We then have to create new terms to describe our new inventions. The term “catfish”, which describes someone that you meet on the internet who appears different in real life, has started to be used where I live by my friends because of the MTV show “Catfish: The TV Show”.

When I was in middle school I had an AOL account. All the abbreviations that we used in our AIM conversations have now made the transition to popular use. We are constantly creating new language.

I say this because there are very new social media terms that I haven’t exactly kept up on. A lot of the hashtags that my friends use on Twitter (follow me! @Amelia_Power) I have no idea what the abbreviation stands for. Maybe I am not using my imagination. I found this list very informative when it comes to social media terms.

When it comes to social media, getting exposure is everything. Being in on the newest platform and being able to constantly push content from all of your accounts can be a little daunting. I have not been very successful with this. Sometimes I just forget to tweet about my newest blog post. But it is something I am working on to grow my personal brand and I hope to do that with the science of language.

If any of you readers have figured out a way to manage all you social media profiles, please leave a comment about your experience, I would love to hear it and maybe learn from you!



My high school friends and I learning about the science of language in Rome, Italy

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