Pinterest: The New Business Platform

Hello! Recently, I have been working on a client audit for a class I am in. For those of you who don’t know, a client audit is when a PR group goes in and evaluates the social media, internal communication and website of a company and makes recommendations for things that could be improved to grow the business. My group chose the business The Amazing Giants which is a local circus performance company. They are a very cool group that will do all sorts of events and put on a really entertaining performance.


Anyway, I was put in charge of developing a Pinterest for the company. I have been on Pinterest now for about 2 years. Throwback: when I first got my Pinterest account you had to be invited by a friend. I just assumed that I would be developing a similar personal Pinterest for the owner of the company to pin images and links to the website. Little did I know that Pinterest has a whole tutorial of how to do Pinterest right as a business.

This should not have surprised me, since Pinterest has gotten very big since I first joined the site and there are multiple businesses who have a presence on Pinterest, but I really was shocked at how comprehensive the tutorial is. The tutorial takes a business owner through the steps of setting up the account, learning to pin like a pro, sharing success stories of other businesses on Pinterest and finally a video tutorial of how to use Pinterest Web Analytics.

It makes sense that there are so many tools to track online content, but it still kind of blows my mind. Maybe I am starting to show my age? I just feel like it is very overwhelming to try and be on so many social media platforms as a small business. Twitter, Facebook, personal website, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube…it can be way too much for a one man PR team.

This is why it is important, if you are ever advising a small business on their PR, to always keep the client’s needs in mind. Maybe being on Tumblr really won’t help their business that much. You always have to make sure that the social media will be manageable for the client.

Do you have any stories about being overwhelmed with social media? I’d love to hear how you deal with the problem of clutter online! Leave a comment or you can tweet at me @Amelia_Power



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