Winter to Spring: Social Media Moves Outside

Since the temperature has sky rocketed the last couple of days here in Ohio, I have noticed that social media has blown up with pictures of people on porches, sun bathing on campus and a general decreased attendance of class.

At The Ohio State University we have what we call Oval Beach.


It’s a big green space on campus where, when the weather is warm enough, you can find a significant part of the student body with dogs, Frisbees and iPod docks catching some sun in between classes.


Picture from my Twitter feed today.

Now, I don’t know about most people, but when I see my friends having fun while I am stuck in class, it is torture. I don’t want to encourage skipping class, but social media makes it really hard to focus.

So, is social media just a big venue to boast about how much fun you’re having? Admit it, everyone has that one friend who is a super downer on Twitter and is always positing negative tweets. It’s probably really annoying. Has social media turned us into an entertainment oriented society or part of a bigger problem?

Share your thoughts with me! Do you have a story about a reaction to that negative friend? I’d love to hear any input you have about social media being a “fun people only” zone. Leave a comment below or tweet at me @Amelia_Power


3 thoughts on “Winter to Spring: Social Media Moves Outside

  1. I agree, it’s super hard to stay motivated and on-task when my friends post pictures of the beautiful weather and I’m in class! Just another way that technology distracts you. I think the majority of people tend to stay off social media when they are in a bad mood, because it’s so much easier to post about things that make you happy. Good post!

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