Top 5 Things I Learned About Blogging

Over the semester I have been keeping this blog, I have learned a few things that I want to share about the “blogosphere”.

1) You can blog about anything


There is a blog out there about every single topic on the planet. People have varied interests and that means a wealth of content on the web. But, this is often a double edged sword. When you come across a blog written as a diary entry, it doesn’t usually offer the reader any important information. Make sure your blog is offering your readers a main take away from your posts.

2) Spell Check, Spell Check, Spell Check


There is nothing worse than hitting the post button on your newest blog and coming back later to see a glaring spelling or grammar error. I am an offender of this but it can be prevented! All it takes is a quick read through before you post. Simple.

3) Embedding Videos and Links

This is a sure sign of a professional when links are embedding behind words and videos appear in the blog instead of just the http:// link. It makes the blog look cleaner and it is easier for your readers to access your external content.

4) Pictures


My friends and I (I am the one on the far left)

Sharing personal pictures lets your read get to know you. Putting personal pictures out might make some people nervous, but if you use your own pictures there will be no risk of copyright infringement. Original content is the best for drawing readers to your blog.

5) Make your blog original

Even though you might be blogging about a topic that someone else has already written about, you should always try and offer a unique take on the subject. Add a personal story to illustrate your point or offer some insight from your own experience. Make the story yours!

I hope you liked my tips that I’ve learned from blogging, but I’m always interested in your comments. If you have a take away that you think is important, please share! And as always feel free to tweet at me @Amelia_Power




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