The Death of MySpace: Social Media Evolution or Extinction?

In 2006 almost everyone I knew had a MySpace page. We would spend hours designing our page layouts and finding new quizzes to post to our sites. If you went up to an 11-year-old today and asked them about MySpace now they would probably only recognize it as a social media site for bands and music.


That is the evolution of social media. I have seen this personally happen with Facebook. When was the last time you wrote on someone’s wall if it wasn’t their birthday and you weren’t posting a funny Buzzfeed? Probably not recently. I mostly see pictures from Instagram, videos from YouTube and personal photo albums on my Facebook newsfeed when it used to be all wall posts.


We don’t use Facebook like we did in 2008 and it goes the same for Twitter and any other social media site. The public uses them for a purpose and most of the time that purpose changes over time.


I guess the key in a social media site not becoming obsolete is that they have to have the pulse of their users. If they hear their site has become boring they need to change it up as soon as possible or the site is going to go the way of the dinosaurs. Remember Zynga?

So, in 50 years we will probably be talking about how cool Twitter was back in the day, but there will probably have been 50 new social media sites that have come and gone by then.



One thought on “The Death of MySpace: Social Media Evolution or Extinction?

  1. Social media truly does evolve so quickly, and if sites aren’t careful they usually end up getting left in the dust. I can see even more than 50 new social media sites developing over the next 50 years – who knows, I’m sure we’ll probably have something even far more advanced than “social media” in 50 years! I’m excited to see what comes in that time. Great post!

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