Who’s Your Daddy?

Today I was watching a movie with a couple of my friends and we were talking about one of life’s many unanswered questions. How do they cast newborn babies in movies? Seriously, who just had a baby and is like ‘sure you can have my baby for your movie here ya go!’… Probably not. It […]

Winter to Spring: Social Media Moves Outside

Since the temperature has sky rocketed the last couple of days here in Ohio, I have noticed that social media has blown up with pictures of people on porches, sun bathing on campus and a general decreased attendance of class. At The Ohio State University we have what we call Oval Beach. It’s a big […]

Pinterest: The New Business Platform

Hello! Recently, I have been working on a client audit for a class I am in. For those of you who don’t know, a client audit is when a PR group goes in and evaluates the social media, internal communication and website of a company and makes recommendations for things that could be improved to […]